While the majority of our business is UK-based, we also have a number of overseas clients - both businesses and individuals - and are assisting them in areas such as:



  • Registering businesses in the UK
  • Preparing accounts and filing statutory accounts
  • Managing tax compliance and advising on UK business tax
  • VAT - registrations, VAT returns, general VAT compliance
  • PAYE and other employment tax matters
  • Tax filing for investors in the UK


Using business connections in Europe to give cross-border advice through:

  • ETL International - providing accounting, tax, legal and business consulting services from 700 offices worldwide (UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Turkey, Cyprus, South Africa, China, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania)
  • Integra - specialist advisers to high net worth individuals and wealth management funds
  • Brada Law - International tax lawyers in Amsterdam

Advice to property owners in Spain


Whether you are a European football player, or an overseas business planning to start up in the UK, we can ensure you do not fall foul of UK laws and customs.


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