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Business Connections

While we can offer in-house expertise in many areas of financial management, we do not pretend to be experts in everything or to be a one-stop shop.

However, over many decades we have developed relationships with other, highly reputable, professional services firms and individuals and can act as a conduit to their expertise. In short, while we do not have all the answers, we will be able to find someone in our network who can advise on any financial issue.

Our network of contacts in the UK and overseas includes:

  • Financial Services
  • Banks
  • Investment Advisers
  • Overseas Tax Specialists
  • Business Finance Specialists
  • Solicitors
  • Land Agents
  • Business Consultants

In the UK, amongst other specialists, we work with:

Strategic Business Consultants
StartMurphy Limited - London and Newmarket www.startmurphy.co.uk

Overseas, amongst other specialists, we work with: 

Tax Advisers and Accountants - Germany
Integra Tax Advisers  - Munich www.integra-th.com
The Netherlands - Legal firms
Brada Law - Amsterdam www.bradalaw.com
Rechstaete - Amsterdam www.rechtstaete.nl
Europe and International Acountants
ETL International AG - offices principally in Germany and throughout Europe, China, India www.etl.de
Please contact us if you would like to discuss a referral to any of our business connections.

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